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Welcome to the next step in real estate technology innovation and evolution. Agent 99 helps real estate agents spend time converting higher value sales leads from start to finish while improving trust with vendors through direct and transparent buyer feedback.

From open homes to online listings, our software improves the end-to-end intelligence in the property sales cycle, enabling agents to have more informed conversations with both buyers and vendors.


We turn admin into answers so you can turn prospects into offers.

Make every open home worth it

How many inspections do you squeeze into a week? How many more could your team handle if you didn’t have to worry about follow-ups with vendors?
For agents hosting multiple open homes throughout the week, open communication with vendors can quickly get out of hand.

Vendors understandably want immediate updates from the inspection. They want to know how many people went through and who said they were interested. What did visitors most like about the property? Was there not-so-great feedback? Are you remembering to tell us everything?

Agent 99 will help do this work for you. Vendors will be able to log in, even while their open homes are still ongoing, and see live results straight from buyers and renters.

When visitors arrive, a simple QR code scan will take them directly to the Agent 99 registration page.

Following the inspection of the property, they will leave targeted feedback on many different aspects of the home.

This allows you to spend less time being the communications middleman, and more time doing what you do best, running open homes and getting houses rented and sold.

Identify and focus on the strongest sales prospects for every property.

Agent 99 is a cloud-based software platform that brings together listings, real-time open home feedback, online enquiries via listings sites and manual enquiry sources into one easy to use dashboard.

Combined with an intuitive buyer questionnaire process that enables users to self-qualify themselves, Agent 99 empowers agents to find and identify the strongest prospects so they can be effectively nurtured through to the final sale.


Enable interested buyers to self-qualify themselves via a user questionnaire that determines where the buyer is at in the sales process.

Real-time feedback

Gather real-time, unbiased feedback during open homes with app-based questions that can be completed on the spot.

Comprehensive Insights

Consolidate open home viewings with online enquiry data to get the full picture of property interest.

Dashboard Reporting

Improve reporting to vendors with instantly updated data-rich dashboards, real comments from viewers and information focussed on the data that matters to the sale.

Intuitive Interface

The easy to use interface means that your team won’t need advanced training or skills in using complicated CRM’s to navigate and utilise the system. Once you’ve built your Advert in your CRM, watch the data flow.

Spend time on sales not admin.

Nobody likes the admin side of sales, for most agents it’s a necessary evil. Agent 99 helps to cut down on your admin and spend your time focussed on the highest value tasks like qualifying prospects and moving people through the sales cycle. Agent 99 will help you to spend your time where it’s worth it – with your potential buyer. And what’s your time worth? It’s priceless.

Agent 99 builds trust and transparency for vendors.

What makes Agent 99 different? Existing real estate sales apps and software solely focus on property advertisements, listings and basic client relationship management (CRM) tools.

Agent 99 approaches this from a different direction by pulling together the most valuable sources of sales information and adding a layer of real-time buyer feedback. So you are introducing a tool that can give you a laser focus on the prospects that are showing the most promise, and not wasting time with the tyre-kickers.

Vendors receive real-time feedback on open home results and general enquiries which helps automatically build the trust and transparency back into the sales process that vendors want. Happy vendors are the ones that know their sales campaign is progressing in the right direction and trust that the agent is getting the best prospects with the right money to invest through to their sales channels.

Speed up the sales process by days not hours.

Agent 99 helps you automate your communications and speed up the sales process by:


  • Keeping your clients updated on open home results.
  • Collating interest data, buyer information, and home scores.
  • Directly sends visitor results to vendors.
  • Automated to send out the contract to interested parties.
  • Integrates with listing sites and CRM systems.
  • All application features are usable on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Send a contract instantly

Once you have registered a visitor, the Agent 99 system will offer them a copy of the contract and send it to them automatically. So before they walk into the next inspection, you can know that they already have everything they need from yours. That’s called ‘keeping ahead of the competition’.

Self qualification process

A comprehensive buyer enquiry form enables users to self qualify themselves to determine what stage they’re at in the sales process. This allows agents to efficiently focus their time on the strongest buyer prospects.

No app downloads

Usable across any device with no annoying app downloads or upgrades. Feature upgrades and improvements are instantly provided the day they are made available.

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